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COB 61H Rainproof electrical hoist crane pendant remote control switch

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: XIDER
Model Number: COB-61H
Protection Level: IP65 rainproof
Max. Current: 10A, 5A
Max. Voltage: 500V, 500v
Material: PC Plastic
Certificate: CE RoHS CCC
Buttons Type: inter lock and automatic reset
Frequency: 50 Hz-60 Hz

COB 61H Rainproof remote control switch

Product Description
Rain proof crane control pushbutton switch is a newly developed products, which is beautiful , strong and ligh, reliable struction, advanced and big contact capacity; mechanical interlocking , and if necessary, it can achieve interock circuit to assure the more safety and reliable using . The COB Waterproof Lifting Button Switch matched cable jacket and waterproof rubber sealing strip, have a good (IP65 level) performance of dust and rain. So it most suitable for the remote controll in  outdoor, rainy and snowy, dusty and damp environment, such as electric hoist, open conveyor blt, building line etc. .
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Frequency 50 Hz-60 Hz
Buttons Type Buttons inter lock and automatic reset
Max. Voltage 500v
Max. Current  5A
Frequency:  50 Hz 60 Hz
Protection Level: IP65
Model COB-61 COB-61A COB-62 COB-62A COB-63 COB-63A COB-64 COB-64A COB-64A