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What do you need to pay attention to when using LED lights?

first of all to find the appropriate installation site, you need to ensure that the surrounding environment is not corrosive gas, do not put in the area prone to fire or dust, but also to ensure that the voltage is stable, otherwise too large will make the ballast broken, and the light bulb connected to the wire can not be arbitrary growth


How to wire the button switch

Button switch refers to a switch that uses a button to push the transmission mechanism to make the moving contact and the static contact press on or off and realize circuit switching. The star connection method of phase power is to connect one end of each phase power supply or load to one point, and the other end of them is used as a lead wire, which are three phase wires of three-phase power.


The difference between LED Lights and incandescent lamps

In general, LEDs operate at a voltage of 2-3.6 V. Only a weak current is needed to emit light properly. Whereas with ordinary incandescent lamps, the power of the bulb is about 40 watts, and kW/h is one degree of electricity, if used continuously for 10 hours, that is about 0.4 degrees of electricity.


Difference between push button switches and toggle switches

Push button switche and toggle switches are both miniature switches with a very simple structure. In addition to some differences in appearance and structure, there are differences in the working principle and applications. The following is an introduction to the differences between push-button switches and toggle switches.


What are the tips and precautions for using led lights

One, when using the lamps and lanterns try not to switch frequently, although the number of times the LED lamp is resistant to switching is about 18 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, but too frequently will still affect the life of the internal electronic components of the LED lamp, thus affecting the life of the lamps and lanterns.


What types of push button switches are available

Protective buttons, which have a protective appearance, some are dynamic break type or dynamic close type, there is also a dynamic close and dynamic break button. With a signal light, which can give instructions, some are called action click buttons.


the button switch normally closed and normally open how to distinguish

Push Button switch some from the color of the terminals can go to distinguish, this is to avoid operating errors, - generally will be made of different colors button cap, green (or blue) for normally open contacts, red (or pink) is normally closed contacts.


led lights do not light up but there is a low light how to repair

led lights are extremely common lamps in modern life, led lights in the use of the process may not appear bright or have low light and other situations, why is this? Today by PChouse for you to answer one by one.


Structure of Pushbutton Switch

push button switch structure: consists of button cap, reset spring, fixed contact, movable contact housing and pillar linkage, etc. The main categories are as follows


Button switch normally open and normally closed how to distinguish

There are many types of switches, for example, there is a push button switch, this switch is normally open long closed how to distinguish?


LED lights frequently flashing how to repair

1. LED lights flicker frequently may be due to the failure of the driving power supply. For example, the driver power supply is too large, the lamp beads can not withstand the high power supply, so it will flicker. You can remove the LED light, open the housing, and then replace the LED driver power supply.


Working principle of emergency stop push button switch

Emergency stop button can also be called "emergency stop push button switch", the industry referred to as the emergency stop button. As the name implies, the emergency stop button is when an emergency occurs, people can quickly press this button to achieve protective measures.


What are the precautions when using float switches?

Float switch structure is very simple, the use is also very convenient level control device, it does not need to provide any power, no complex circuit, than other mechanical open light volume will be much smaller, life is also very long, so has so many advantages, is also the reason people are willing to choose it.


What are the types of pushbutton switches

Protective button: A button with a protective housing that prevents the internal button parts from mechanical damage or human contact with the electrically charged parts, and its code is H.


What is an emergency stop push button switch?

An emergency stop switch, also known as an emergency stop switch, emergency stop switch, emergency switch, termination switch or emergency button, emergency stop push button switch, is a fail-safe control switch that provides safety for machinery and equipment. people who use the machine.


Button switch principle - structure

Speaking of button (button) switch, I believe that many people will not feel unfamiliar, almost every day will encounter a variety of button switches.


Push Button Switch installation precautions

Buttons installed on the panel should be arranged neatly and reasonably, for example, from top to bottom or from left to right according to the sequence of motor start. Adjacent


How long do led lights last How to buy LED lights

A comfortable home, certainly not without a good lamp, at present there are many in the selection of lamps and lanterns tend to ask whether they can save energy and environmental protection, so most people will choose the LED lamp, it is a more popular by people a lamp.


How to wire a push button switch with light

Switches and sockets are common building materials in our homes, bringing convenience to our daily use of electricity. However, there are many considerations when wiring switches and sockets, otherwise not only the lights can not light, but also cause a short circuit.


Correlation between pushbutton switches and self-locking switches

There are many kinds of push button switch structures, which can be divided into common snap type, mushroom head type, self-locking type, self-resetting type, rotary handle type, type with indicator light, type with light signal and key type, etc.