Second, the use of led lights need to pay attention to what aspects it

1, first of all to find the appropriate installation site, you need to ensure that the surrounding environment is not corrosive gas, do not put in the area prone to fire or dust, but also to ensure that the voltage is stable, otherwise too large will make the ballast broken, and the light bulb connected to the wire can not be arbitrary growth, otherwise it will lead to light bulb breakage, you can check the light bulb before installing the mask, so as to avoid the situation of rework.


2, storage should also be careful, not open at will, if disassembled as long as immediately installed, placed when it needs to be stored in a dry and ventilated place, but also the corresponding humidity, cleaning time, prohibit the use of water, the need to configure special care agent or alcohol, otherwise it will cause damage to the lamps.



XD16-11AD LED信号灯


3, do a good job corresponding protective measures, but the requirements of different categories of products may differ, so you must carefully study the instructions, the construction to contact the professional staff to operate, if you find the exposed wires should also be dealt with immediately, so as to be able to


Summary: The above is about the LED lights power cord connection method, from the above article we can see, in fact, when using LED lights should also be careful, so as to avoid subsequent failure, save more manpower and material resources, I hope to help you.