Product Description

Electric Float Switch
work Volatage:12V
work current: 10A
material: pp
work temperature: -10~70(℃)
maximum temperature tolerance: 80(℃)
working pressure: 1(Mpa)
maximum pressure: 1(Mpa)
medium specific gravity: 1000
Product certification: CE
Cable meter :1M, 3M, 4M, 5M,10M or customized
cable conductor: overstriking 0.7
inches switch: good quality than others
Applicable Medium: Branch water, sewage, oils, and acid-base liquid of less than medium concentration
Operating Contact: Under the natural pendulous
Condition, the black line is normally open end. The red line is normal close end, the blue line is normally open end.
Cable Length: Standard length of supply ofmaterial is 4 meters, special length can be ordered according to customers requirement.
Note: Except for special situation, we recommeng you to use the product with less than AC, DC 50V.