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XIDER electric, specialized in producing low-voltage electrical appliances, such as push button, indicator light, electric switch and etc. Our company provides ace products and service for our customers in electric power, mechanical, traffic, and industrial automation field and so on.

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Product Description

Warning Lights LTD-1181

Warning Lights Manufacturer Introduction_Warning Lights

Basic classification

In general, the warning light is a product that can provide various lengths according to the type of vehicle and the use. The structure of the lampshade combination can be combined with the color of the lampshade in one direction.

The appearance characteristics of the warning lights can be divided into: combined long row warning lights, combined tower warning lights, small various types of warning lights, and so on.

Application field

Warning lights are generally used to maintain road safety. They are usually used in police cars, engineering vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, maintenance management vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A/S vehicles, mechanical equipment, etc., machinery, electricity, Control signals interlocking in electrical control circuits such as machine tools, chemicals, telecommunications, ships, and metallurgy.


Push Button Switch DB5-AA3311

Warning Lights Manufacturer Introduction_Push Button Switch

The push button switch refers to a switch that pushes the transmission mechanism with a button to make the movable contact and the static contact open or close and realize circuit switching. The push button switch is a main electric appliance with a simple structure and a wide application. In the electrical automatic control circuit, it is used to manually send out control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, and the like.

How to choose the button switch

  1. Depending on the application and the specific use: Select the type of button according to the use occasion, such as open type, protective type, waterproof type, anti-corrosion type, etc.; according to the use, choose the appropriate form, such as the handle, rotary, key Type, emergency, lighted, etc. For example, the general button on the panel of the console cabinet can be opened first; if it needs to display the working state, it will be marked with an indicator light; in a very important place, it is necessary to use a key type to prevent accidental operation by unrelated personnel; Use anti-corrosion.
  2. Select the color of the button and indicator according to the working status, the instructions and the working conditions: the green color for "start" or "power on" and the red for "stop". In addition, the voltage of the indicator light (bulb) is divided into 6.3V, 12V, 24V and so on.
  3. According to the needs of the control loop, determine the number of different buttons: such as single button, double button, three button, multi button. For example, when you need "positive", "reverse", or "stop" three kinds of controls, you can use three buttons and install them in the same button box; when you want to "start" and "stop" control, you can assemble them with two buttons. Inside the same button box.