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XIDER electric, specialized in producing low-voltage electrical appliances, such as push button, indicator light, electric switch and etc. Our company provides ace products and service for our customers in electric power, mechanical, traffic, and industrial automation field and so on.

XIDER electric Co., Ltd engaged in developing and manufacturing low-voltage electrical appliances since the company founded, we introduced the high technology of  signal lamps: AD22 series and push buttons of DB2-B/E, DB4-B, DB5-A, DB7-E, XAL-D and developed these products. XIDER holds “exquisite button, create XIDER brand” as our service ideal and developing aim, the company brand and enterprise image strikes root in the hearts of the people and projects. Now the company has set up a perfect sales network throughout the nation, and the products are far sold to Europe, America and southeast Asia.

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Product Description

                              Warning Lights LTE-1083

Warning Lights Supplier Recommend_Warning Lights

Warning lights are generally used to maintain road safety. They are usually used in police cars, engineering vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, maintenance management vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A/S vehicles, mechanical equipment, etc., machinery, electricity, Control signals interlocking in electrical control circuits such as machine tools, chemicals, telecommunications, ships, and metallurgy.

Basic classification

In general, the warning light is a product that can provide various lengths according to the type of vehicle and the use. The structure of the lampshade combination can be combined with the color of the lampshade in one direction.

The appearance characteristics of the warning lights can be divided into: combined long row warning lights, combined tower warning lights, small various types of warning lights, and so on.


                      Push Button Switch DB5-AD33

 Warning Lights Supplier Recommend_Push Button Switch

The push button switch, also known as the control button (referred to as the button), is a low-voltage electric appliance that is manually and generally can be automatically reset. The button is usually used to issue a start or stop command in the circuit to control the on and off of the electrical coil current of the electromagnetic starter, contactor, relay, and the like.

The push button switch is a kind of electric device that is used to switch on and off the small current circuit when the action is released. Generally used in control circuits with AC/DC voltage below 440V and current less than 5A, generally do not directly manipulate the main circuit, and can also be used in interconnect circuits.

In actual use, in order to prevent misoperation, different marks are usually made on the buttons or painted with different colors, and the colors thereof are red, yellow, blue, white, black, green, and the like. Normally red means "stop" or "dangerous" operation; green means "start" or "on". The emergency stop button must use the red mushroom head button. The button must have a metal guard ring and the retaining ring should be higher than the button cap to prevent accidental actuation of the button and cause malfunction. The button plate and button box of the mounting button must be metal and connected to the mechanical main ground bus.