Product Description

BS211 Metal Shell 10A Electronic ON OFF Surface Mounting Type Power Switch

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: XIDER
Model Number: BS211
Protection Level: IP65
Max. Current: 10A
Max. Voltage: 500V
Ambient temperature: -25 - 70°C
Pollution class: III
Degree of protection: IP65 IP66
Altitude above sea level: <2000m

1) Ambient temperature: -25 - 70°C
2) Rated insulation voltage: UI=500V
3) Pollution class: III
4) Degree of protection: IP65/IP66
5) Altitude above sea level: <2,000m
High contact reliability and simple maintenance with the modular structure of the contact. You can replace all the components at the back of the panel simply using a screw driver.