Product Description

XB2-EV74 130v 220v 240v Professional Manufacture Via integral resistor Five Color Pilot Indicator lamp

XB2 Push Button Switch Quick Details
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: XIDER
Model Number: XB2-EV74
Protection Level: IP65
Max. Current: 10A
Max. Voltage: 130V/220/240V
Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White
Material: Plastic
Certificate: CE RoHS

DB2-EV74 Plastic Push Button Switch

DB2-EV74 Plastic Push Button Switch

Brief introduction
The push button series was used in control circuit of AC 50Hz or 60Hz,voltage to 660V, DC voltage up to 440V below, it is used for controlling signal and interlocking, The main body adopts zinc alloy or high grade anti-flaming plastic, the contact adopts special silver alloy, so it has strong anti-electrical erosion property, the signal lamp series is suitable for electrical appliance circuit of AC voltage 380V, 50Hz or 60Hz, DC voltage up to 380V below, it is used as kinds of lights indication signal, warning signal, accident signal and other signals. Our products comply with GB/T14048.1 and IEC60947-5-1, all products were get CE, RoHS certification.

Work environment
1) . Environment tem perature:-25 — +55℃;
2) . Air relative humidity: < 85%.
3) . Normal work when the vibration frequency is 2-80Hz,the acceleration is 0.79;
4) . Pollution grade is 3, installation sort is ill, protection grade is above Ip65.
5) . Altitude:2000 < m

Main technical parameter

Basic technical  parameter of button   Basic technical parameter of signal lamp
Rated insulation voltage AC 600V (50Hz/60Hz)   Insulation resistance > 50M Ω
Conventional heating current 10A   Contact resistance < 25M Ω
Insulation resistance 50M Ω   Pf withstand voltage AC2.5KV 1min
Contact resistance 25M Ω   Voltage wave ±20%
Mechanical life 100x104(Pushbutton) 50X104 Selector switch  Key swiches Brightness 60cd 1m2
Electrical life 50x104(Pushbutton)  25x104 Selector switch  Key swiches Continuous working life 10x104h

 DB2-EV74 Plastic Push Button Switch